Your Guidance To RTO Registration

Registered Training Organizations are organization which are recognized for vocational trainings. One of such recognized and registered training organization is TBC Consulting that has been in existence since 2006 and founded by Richard Turner. Given the years of experience, Richard has been dealing in trainings covering all major areas of Vocational Education and Training in terms of support, designing assessments and compliance systems as well.

What you should be knowing is Richard Turner has been in the field of training since 1996 and hence, his experience is not only from today, but has also witnessed the turning point in the training sector. As a trainer, Richard has been known to working with the clients and makes sure to bring them to a point where they are well trained backed up by prevailing and current practices. Unlike other trainers, do not expect Richard to use meaningless cool jargons to fancy you the training. TBS Consulting is a known and an established RTO specializing in VET training across Australia. Given the nature of the industry, TB Consulting designs and provides industry specific solutions, systems that are relevant to users and are user friendly. Visit for rto consulting.

In order to make sure your business stays sustain and grows it is important to know that RTO stays in the right direction. TBS is known to provide a full experience with challenging exercises known as the full service. The full service kicks off with a six days consultation in person, where Richard works with the team and examines, evaluates all your requirements, data, assessment strategies and sit through with you during the ASQA audit. Given TB Consulting experience and registration program, our consultants will make sure that your business is registered without any hassle.

The Full Service is a session that has its focus limited to coaching, supporting and training your team and make them reach to the point of being self-sufficient.

In order to get you registered, TBS offers self directed service to get your registration done making you walk through each step. The self directed service is a day’s session that takes place at the clients office, where the client is prepared for the RTO registration Melbourne application and makes sure you do not uncover any surprises on your way.

This is what you should be expecting:

Assistance is smooth completion of your registration process.

All required support and direction to ensure that RTO registration required documents are completed along with the necessary supporting documents and ASQA RTO initial application form.

One day consultation

An audit preparation checklist

Guidance to help you strategies in building a training business

Guidance and complete support to help you in purchasing and building your training material.


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