Implementing An Efficient Order Fulfilment Process

The rise in popularity of E-commerce as a viable alternative to retail has greatly changed the commercial landscape in a number of ways. Firms which didn’t anticipate this had to slowly adapt to the changes or else almost completely disappear from the face of the Earth. In fact, your company itself may be struggling in certain ways, since coming to terms with the intricacies of E-commerce is not always a very pleasant experience.
One thing that you could do to severely improve your company’s overall performance is to take a look at developing your order fulfilment processes a little further. If you need help of any kind, here are some very useful tips that you could take a look at:

Integrate Your Suppliers

If your company doesn’t manufacture products which it then sells to the public (this being the most likely case), you need to do something about the way in which you get hold of these products from your suppliers. A wise idea is to ensure seamless integration of your supplier’s database systems with that of your own company. This allows you to keep track of lost or cancelled orders much more accurately, and that can be an added advantage is many different situations.

Update in Real-Time

Updating stock levels in real time is an extremely important process, particularly for those organizations which handle large orders on a daily basis. This avoids orders from getting “lost” during transit processes, as these often occur when databases cannot be updated on time. You should probably let your customers benefit from this implementation as well, with the aim of raising customer satisfaction levels further than their current states.

Upgrade Warehouse Capabilities

Better warehousing facilities often lead to increased levels of customer satisfaction. It is definitely a complex process is itself to fully analyse, but that is not the only obstacle that you may have to face. If you lack space of your own to store your goods, you could opt for 3PL warehousing to make up for your lack of facilities. If you make the correct decisions, you can actually gain a lot of positives in the long term, as third-parties will provide the best possible storage allocations which are suitable for your needs.

Speed Up Deliveries

The bulk of E-commerce transactions relies on fast and efficient shipping of products to their customers, which would be simply impossible without the aid of smart warehousing strategies. Make use of algorithms and computer programs in order to determine which shipment method is the best to cut down on delays and inconveniences, thereby allowing you to stick to your schedules and deadlines on a continuous basis.

Be in Touch with Your Clients

Finally, here is another vital factor for ensuring success. Keep in touch with your customers all the time, even if that means going out of your way to check that each message gets through cleanly and efficiently. This becomes even more important during refunds and returns, as you need to be extremely careful in ensuring that your customer is met with a positive outcome at the end of the day.

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