4 Tips For Creating And Managing A Portable Shop

Portable shops offer a lot of opportunities to businesses. The fact that you can go near your customers makes them more prone to buying products from you and it can easily tap into the impulsive shopping feeling and that is a good thing. However, setting up and managing a portable shop is an art in an of itself but it’s something that anyone can do with a bit of work. Here are some tips to help you create and manage a portable shop.

Utilising space

When you want to be mobile you need to sacrifice space. Portable shops aren’t the biggest things out there but you can still have everything you want it’s just that you need to be a bit creative with the designs. Since your products are the most important part focus on having enough space for them. Getting some custom shelving solutions will be very useful. Since you won’t have space to have a lot of items make sure the items that are available are what people want to buy.

Design and looks

A shop needs to look nice if you want to get people’s attention. This is especially important for a portable shop because there will surely be other things to distract potential customers. When designing it is important not to go overboard with too much branding as this tends to look tacky. Having a few strong decorations couples with a perfect display system of your products can do the trick. The way things look is very important so you need to pay attention to it.


Even though it’s small this is still a shop and there are some basic features that need to be there for the sake of function. A mode to present the items, a cash counter and space for customers to be in. Features like quality gondola shelving units, a tablet with a point of sale system can be very useful in this regard. On top of that since there won’t be much space to store items you need to figure out a way to store and stock items as needed.


If you are planning on taking your portable shop places you need to make sure that it looks good and it maintained well. Repairing it, storing it properly when not used is very important. Make sure that after each use you check it out and fix any issues you see.Having a portable shop can be an awesome experience. Follow these tips and you will be able to get the best out of it.

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